Getting #backToCode

Half a decade ago, I wrote my first piece of software that was actually used by others. I’ve never seen myself as a software engineer, but always enjoyed coding. Getting more and more into management, I lost contact with a lot of technical stuff I used to be quite good at.

I recently found my way #backToCode, after having worked with a team that in the end figured they wanted to have a digital Kamishibai board. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find anything suitable and eventually helped themselves with some Microsoft Office wizardry/misery.

For me, it was a good opportunity to learn, so I started working on magmishibai, a digital Kamishibai board:

Screenshot von magmishibai, a digital kamishibai board

It’s still super-raw, but I enjoy working on it for the sake of exercising. Basing it on nuxt.js, MongoDB and bootstrap-vue, I was really able to get something going rather fast. You can follow the development on


Fix: nuxt.js app not working on AWS with CI/CD pipeline since nuxt-telemetry release

Since Nuxt.js 2.13+ has been released, there’s a nuxt-telemetry package coming with it. According to the documentation, „Nuxt.js collects anonymous telemetry data about general usage. […] This program is optional. You will be asked on first time to get permission and you can always opt-out if you’d not like to share any information.“

The permission dialogue is what caused me some headache, I guess. As my application runs on AWS, deployed by a CI/CD pipeline, it actually broke. Also, my application firewall doesn’t allow the required connection when running the pipeline.

[error] [@nuxt/telemetry] Error sending sent to `` (26 ms)
request to failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED 

On AWS CloudWatch, I saw logs stating /home/$user/.nuxtrc cannot be opened. For the time being, I can only guess it has something to do with the telemetry setup not running properly.

In the end, I simply decided to disable nuxt-telemetry, finally causing my application to work again. In nuxt.config, simply add the following part:

export default {
  telemetry: false

There’s an issue you can follow on GitHub. You can follow-up on this topic there, in case you’re interested in delivering telemetry data to Nuxt.js in order to help the project improve:

Update 21.06.2020

nuxt-telemetry v1.1.0 comes with the following changes:

  • „Better CI detection is implemented with v1.1.0 so prompt will be auto skipped on CI environments“
  • „using nuxt telemetry enable sets consent value“

Sources: and


QuickLook für Windows

One of the few features I missed from macOS is Quick Look. It allows users to peek into a file content in lightning speed by just pressing the Space key. Windows, on the other hand, does not have this handy feature … until now.

Ich hatte mich in 10 Jahren macOS an die schnelle Vorschau mit der Leertaste gewöhnt. Beim Umstieg auf Windows hat sie mir sehr gefehlt.

Problem gelöst.

>>> mehr


Perfekter Monat. #dontbreakthechain

Es ist einiges passiert. Ich bin nach meinen Backup-Desaster vom Februar zurück auf meiner längsten Serie von erfolgreichen 600cal-Tagen mit der Apple Watch. 49 Tage zählt die Uhr, 90 sind es eigentlich schon. 

Seit dem 2. Januar habe ich jeden Tag alle drei Ziele der Apple Watch erreicht. Jetzt kam der erste perfekte Monat dabei heraus. 

Nebenbei habe ich mein Gewicht um mehr als 8kg reduziert. #dontbreakthechain geht weiter. 


Der ganz normale Vinyl-Wahnsinn

Ganz spannende Frage: wann platzt die Vinyl-Preisblase? Unglaublich, wie die Preise in den letzten Jahren nach oben gegangen sind. Für einzelne Stücke fehlen wir da die Worte. Klar, hier kommt es auch darauf an, ob Releases nachgepresst werden. Dann ist es schnell vorbei mit der Ausbeuter-Freude. Insgesamt sieht das trotzdem gar nicht gesund aus.

Im Bild: Oh Wonder – self titled 12″ LP. Habe ich letztes Jahr für 15€ gekauft. Wollen anscheinend relativ viele Menschen haben. Aktuell ein Exemplar zu 192€ + Versand im Shop.


8+41 = 8

I literally ran around the dinner table to get the last calories in. Don’t even ask…
This makes for an eight day streak. Keeping the 41 in mind that I failed to log successfully, this makes it an official eight day streak 😡.