Getting #backToCode

Half a decade ago, I wrote my first piece of software that was actually used by others. I’ve never seen myself as a software engineer, but always enjoyed coding. Getting more and more into management, I lost contact with a lot of technical stuff I used to be quite good at.

I recently found my way #backToCode, after having worked with a team that in the end figured they wanted to have a digital Kamishibai board. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find anything suitable and eventually helped themselves with some Microsoft Office wizardry/misery.

For me, it was a good opportunity to learn, so I started working on magmishibai, a digital Kamishibai board:

Screenshot von magmishibai, a digital kamishibai board

It’s still super-raw, but I enjoy working on it for the sake of exercising. Basing it on nuxt.js, MongoDB and bootstrap-vue, I was really able to get something going rather fast. You can follow the development on