This could have been the answer to so many questions

42 days. I am on a 42 day streak. I achieved all Apple Watch activity targets 42 days in a row. I just can’t prove it.

Yesterday, I had to reset my iPhone to factory settings. Afterwards, I also had to reset my Apple Watch, as the devices didn’t pair anymore. Because of whatever reasons, most likely including my stupidity, I lost 2 days of activity data. You can see it in the screenshot below.

As far as I understood, I am not able to restore these. The streak now stopped at 39 days, although I completed all three activity targets on February 10th and 11th.

So what else could I do but end the day with a 300% badge? Makes up for nothing, but it was a great day to start the next streak of #dontbreakthechain. The official counter is back at one now.



Ein netter Nebeneffekt von #dontbreakthechain ist der Verlauf meiner Gewichtskurve. Absolut sah das schon viel besser aus. Der Trend ist aber derzeit der Freund, mit dem ich gerne abhänge.

Und ja, ich hatte einen wundervollen Dezember 🙂