Sonos + turntable connected to Line-In: Autoplay on pre-selected speaker

Sonos comes with an autoplay feature for their devices with Line-Inputs. Autoplay is triggered by sending audio input to Line-In. You can use your Sonos app to configure which speaker should then play the signal. It doesn’t have to be the device with the Line-In. Let me give you a simple example:

My son loves selecting vinyl records from our sideboard and listening to them. What’s been bugging me since, is the process of turning on the music. I had to go to my Sonos app and select the respective Line-In as a source for a speaker. My initial idea was to have a single-click solution like a Logitech Pop for this process. There’s something even better:

My turntable is connected to Sonos Amp Esszimmer’s Line-In. However, I am sending the signal to autoplay on my Wohnzimmer Play:5 stereo pair in the living room.

On iOS, you can configure autoplay by going to More -> Settings -> Room settings -> $yourPlayerWithLineIn -> Advanced Audio Settings -> Input -> Autoplay-Room

By selecting a room here, Sonos will automatically start playing music from the turntable. No additional buttons or clicks required.

There’s two additional options for autoplay:

  1. You can decide to autoplay in all rooms currently grouped with your autoplay room
  2. You can set a fixed autoplay loudness

Have fun!